#1 Trail Camera of 2020

Crystal Clear Images & Video

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  • Crystal Clear Quality: With ultra clear pictures and vivid imaging, no details will be missed.

  • OptiClear Night Vision: New night imaging technology will deliver crisp images even in pitch black.

  • 50 Foot Detection Radius: Detect anything that moves within a 50 foot radius

 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

High Definition Pictures & Video

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This award winning trail cam takes crisp and clear images and high definition videos. With a detection radius much larger than most cams and a 0.8 second detection speed, this is without a doubt one of the absolute best  at this price point. Even better, its design is built to last and made in the USA.   

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Complete Kit For Any Hunter

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What's Included?

  • 1x Trail Cam

  • 1x Card Reader

  • 1x Camo Strap

  • 1x USB Cable

  • 1x User Manual

Everything you need to out get in the field!

Card Reader Included

Check your cam as soon as you pull the card with our provided card reader.

Pattern Game Easily

Every hunter knows more data means more meat in the freezer.

OptiClear Night Vision

Newly patented night vision enhancing lens gives stunningly clear night time footage.

Zero Sound 

Cheap cameras sometimes spook game...This emits 0 sounds and is guaranteed not to disturb game.

1 Trail Cam

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  • Free: 1 Year Damage Warranty

  • Complete Trail Cam Set

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OptiClear nightvision?

Its a very recently developed addition to trail cam lenses that greatly enhances the visibility and clarity of photos taken at night. The difference when compared to old trail cams is astonishing.

Does this trail cam come with an SD card?

This does not come with an SD card. You will need to purchase one from your local walmart, target, or walgreens.

What type of SD card does this require?

Your standard micro SD card will function with this trail cam.

What do all of the different settings mean?

Please read the user manual where it will explain all of the different functions in the settings.

What type of batteries are required?

This trail cam takes 2 AA batteries which can provide up to months of footage!

What happens if it gets stolen?

If a trail cam is stolen, please contact your states hunting management commission and report the theft. We do not cover theft.

How Does It Work?

What Do Our Customers Say?

"Being a public land hunter, I need something that won't break the bank or my heart if it gets stolen. This is by far the best performing cam I've used out of many many others."

- Chris Daley

"Pictures are clear. Videos are good too. Definitely check these little cams out they get the job done well. 

- Scott Stoll

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