How To Get $20 Rebate

**This needs to be done on computer/lap top. Will not work on mobile devices.**


1.) Click this link



2.) Find our Trend Harbor Video/Image that you ordered off of. Double check it is for our store. Once you recognize the video or image for our company, to the right corner there should be an option to click "Leave Feedback". Click this option. Attached below is an image to show you what this option looks like.               

3.) After hitting leave feedback it will give you 3 options. Select the "Customer Service" option. You can leave a review of our website/checkout process or type nothing and click finish.


4.) Email us with an email subject titled "FB Review" with your name and we will know what it is for. We will look at our system and find your name to verify it came through. After we will instantly refund you $20! The whole process should take 2 minutes or less.

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